Norscot is excited you're on the new website! We think overall you'll really enjoy the new experience. Below are a few key things to know, look out for and try out while you're on the site.

Give us feedback:

On every page you'll notice a red "feedback" tab on the far right-hand side of your screen. At any point if you can click on this tab to report your comments or questions about the page you're on to our development team.

Try out the quick order:

Many times you already know what you want. Whether you've got a catalog in-hand or you're one of those folks that have memorized our sku #'s, quick order is the solution for you. Click the link on the top right of our site and you'll be taken to an area where you can enter multiple items into your cart all at once. Simply type the sku or name of the product, enter the quantity and click 'Add Item'. You'll immediately be given another line to enter the next product. The best part is, this function is built into our streamlined new checkout so you can skip all the clicking around, add your items and immediately checkout. Give it a try now.

Use your existing login credentials:

We've made sure to sync your past orders, support tickets etc with the new site. Just login using your regular information.

Login to view pricing:

Speaking of logging in, a new feature we've implemented is "login for pricing". This will allow anyone to easily browse the site without having to login. However, to get access to the pricing and checkout functionality you must have an approved Norscot account. If you are a new user, please email Norscot Customer Service stihl@norscot.com or call 800-653-3313 to register for an account. We will send you your new user name and password within 24 hours.

Contact us with any questions or issues:

As with anything new, it's exciting and we don't foresee any problems. However, if you can't find something you're looking for, experience any issues with the site functionality, or just want a little direction get a hold of us! Our live chat is typically available during normal business hours or:

New User/Registration Requirements:

To better assist with our registration process, please be ready to provide our Customer Service Team with the following information:

Dealer Name

Dealer Number

Dealer Address

Work/Dealer e-mail address

Sales/Customer Service:

Phone: 800-821-4821

Fax: 800-653-4904

E-mail: stihl@norscot.com

How do I send my Resale Certificate to you?

Norscot is now required to collect sales tax on internet sales. If you are purchasing for resale, please send your resale certificate to: accounting@norscot.com with a reference to your invoice number. We can update your file and adjust the invoice for you.